More Aboriginal Teachers in NSW – How did we do it?

I had the pleasure during the latter part of my public service career to lead the team which recruited staff for NSW public schools.

During that time we had many achievements of which I am proud, the foremost of which was to significantly increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers in permanent teaching positions in NSW public schools.

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The Efficiency Dividend - A blunt instrument

Governments of all persuasions are usually keen on implementing efficiency measures across the public service, particularly in their first term. This is often sold as a mark of responsible budgeting and keeping the bureaucracy in check. Phrases such as “cutting red tape”, “reducing the size of the back office”, “trimming the public service” and “investing…

An Enhanced Approach to Rural and Remote Teacher Recruitment

It is encouraging that the NSW Government has enhanced the incentives and benefits for teachers working in the most remote schools in the state. Providing a faster track to permanency for loyal temporary teachers, the use of additional benefits where a position has been difficult to recruit, fast track appointment of acting executive staff permanently…

Schools' Finance - Time for Change

The experience of the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission’s Operation Ord investigation has exposed a glaring vulnerability for schools, particularly principals and the staff responsible for managing the school’s finances and procurement. The alleged manipulation of procurement processes and the lack of capacity within the system to identify inappropriate expenditure, provided the perfect environment for…